Six views of Sydney

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Let's travel up the East Coast of Australia and explore the most stunning views! First, we'll begin with Sydney, a city that stole my heart for these six reasons...

1 Bondi Beach 

It makes a beautiful picture but OH MY is the sea water chilly! Too cold to swim (I visited in January) but I'm partial to a bit of toe dipping. Anyway, my favourite view of Bondi Beach is just by the Icebergs - a pool and clubhouse - never been inside but getting dressed up for a few cocktails is definitely on the to-do list!

2 Blue Mountains 

Oz Experience was a great way to explore the Blue Mountains, an organised trip where you're taken to the best spots with the best views! Personally, I wouldn't risk doing it alone... you might get lost and you don't know where the cliff edges end (eek). Views in the Blue Mountains are seriously breathtaking! And do you know why they're called the 'Blue' Mountains? Because the eucalyptus trees create a blue haze. Hey, everyday's a school day and sorry if you already knew that... you can't teach them all!

3 The views from Circular Quay

Home to the iconic Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House... views are surreal! Whether it's a romantic sunset boat ride or a booze cruise (check out Seadeck events), views from the water wouldn't go amiss. If you'd rather your feet on the ground to avoid sea legs at all cost, soaking up the views from Opera bar over a refreshing glass of white wine is well, bliss! And if you're an adrenaline junkie, you might be interested in climbing the Harbour Bridge... book an experience please, DO NOT try to climb it yourself and leave the wine out of that one!

4 Royal Botanical Gardens

It's so green! I did not expect such beautiful greenery in a city, and if you're the same... you're in for a treat. Wade through the botanical jungle and explore the exotic and native plants of Australia. A big highlight was stopping by the big lake to see the jumping fish (after a bit of googling and finding an article from 2008, I believe they're called mullets) *disclaimer - they're not rocking the traditional Aussie hairstyle from the 80's. Ever heard of the silly salmon? It's just like that. 😂

5 Chinese Friendship Garden 

In the heart of Darling Harbour, this garden is totally worth the visit for a small fee. With skyscrapers in the background, it's mind boggling that such a beautiful garden sits smack bang in the middle of a concrete playground!

6 Darling Harbour

There's a place that sells really great ice cream... Andersen's of Denmark. Feel free to dribble over the chocolate covered ice cream cone below. Moving swiftly on, this is all about the views! Sydney puts on a firework display every Friday in Darling Harbour, I haven't seen it yet; it was rightly cancelled when I visited, in aid of the Australian bush fires. I hope to see it when the world is a bit more content and everything returns to 'normal'.
During the day, Darling Harbour has a modern and luxurious vibe which I love, I've heard it's not quite the same at night though... I'll be sure to give it a go and make my own recommendations when I'm back in the city!

So - that's the harbour, city, plush green gardens, beach and mountains a stone throw away from each other, what more could you possibly want, or physically fit into a city?!... I hope you've added it to your bucket list!