Sunday, 1 March 2020


If you haven't read the 'about me' section already, I'm 26, engaged and on the move. I'm a native Brit whose just ventured 'down under' for two years in search of life experience that bears a smile. From snaps of sunsets to a platter of tacos, I'll be scribbling some words down and calling it a post - not sure I'm selling here. In other words I'll be sharing travel guides to inspire you to get your feet moving across the globe, and recommendations for fellow foodies to light up your eyes and get your belly rumbling!

Now we've spoken travel and food, let's get onto creativity. I have always had a passion for traditional practices of art like drawing and painting, and while they'll always have a place in my heart the digital world is forever growing and I need to grow with it! With a background in marketing and a love for creativity, I hope to build my digital design skills and share them with you here. For now I'll be focusing on modern calligraphy; a new found love.

In a nutshell, my ambition is to always embrace the beauty and magic of the world, and encourage you to do the same by finding happiness and contentment in the same places. 

So there it is, an intro to my website and what's to come. Thanks for reading my first post... please come back!


  1. So good to see your face! Glad all is going well-looking forward to reading all about it x

    1. Thanks for reading Gemma! I'm looking forward to getting started :D x